Packaging Materials

We offer a range of packaging materials to help you with your packing



Small boxes   16″x16″x16″ £1.99 each

Small boxes   18″x18″x12″ £1.99 each

Large Box       18″x18″x24″ £2.49 each

Stretch wrap    300mm x400m roll  £6.50

Bubble Wrap    3m x 500mm  Roll £1.50

Loose Fill        3CuFt bag             £2.99

Tape                   Roll                  50p


Package Deal

Deal A  – 6 Boxes, 2 of each size, 1 Bag loosefill, 1 Roll Stretch Wrap,3 rolls Bubblewrap, Tape, labels, Marker Pen £24.50 (save 7.50)

Deal B  – 12 Boxes, 4 of each size, 3 Bag loosefill, 1 Roll Stretch Wrap,6 rolls Bubblewrap, 2 rollsTape, labels, Marker Pen £42.50 (save 10.50)